The garden is used for a variety of events each year. We have held long table lunches, eco-fairs and are happy to host events should they fit in with the values of the garden. If you would like to contact us to chat about a potential event please go to our Contact page.

Coming up:

Busy Bees dates

Please note the following dates in your calendar:

8-10am on

  • Saturday 31 August
  • Saturday 19 October

Unfortunately we haven’t heard from the Council yet about bulk green waste pickups. So in an effort to tidy up if any members can come along this Saturday 10 August, 2pm for about ½ hour we will be mowing and doing some small tidy up jobs.

Members can always help at other times to contribute to their communal hours by

  • weeding under fruit trees
  • trim hedges
  • weed communal beds
  • tidy or sweep shed
  • sweep the main entrance

And please remember to put your hours in the diary, found in the shed.

STOMP event

On Sunday 8 September the annual STOMP event is happening and St Luke’s Church is participating. This event is organised by the Mosman Park Youth Advisory Council. We are looking for some members to be in the garden between 10.15am-12pm. If you have any teenage children looking for community service hours this would be a good opportunity to volunteer. Get back in touch to let us know if you are interested.

10 Year Anniversary Lunch

And finally, remember to keep Saturday 26 October free for the garden’s 10-year anniversary lunch.